Super Mag Supplement Powder, 7oz.

(1/2 case , 6 units)

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Super Mag makes a fast-absorbing magnesium beverage.

When you prepare SuperMag, the beverage becomes crystal clear. This means that the magnesium has ionized and is ready for the body to absorb quickly. The mineral is then immediately available to cells throughout the body.

Magnesium is important for the contraction and relaxation of muscles. It also plays a role in the production and transport of energy.
Overall, magnesium is a vital component of a healthy diet. Deficiency has been implicated in a number of human diseases.

• Reduced blood pressure.
• Muscle relaxation, including menopause cramps.
• Reduced anxiety and stress.
• Cardiovascular health.
• Menopause relief.
• Better sleep.

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(1/2 case , 6 units)

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7 oz.

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