Potassium Gluconate, 500 Tablets

(1/2 case, 6 units)

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Potassium Gluconate, 500 tablets

Potassium Gluconate, 500 tablets from Standard Vitamins

Potassium is one of the five main electrolytes that regulate fluid balance in the body. It is also involved in electrical and cellular body functions. Potassium is lost in perspiration.
It is a good idea to take some potassium when you are in a hot climate and before and after exercise. Each tablet contains 99 mg of elemental potassium.
Potassium is necessary for the building of muscle and for normal body growth.

Potassium Benefit Summary:

• Regulates the acid/alkaline balance in the body.
• Helps your body produce energy from carbohydrates.
• Needed to make muscles and other protein.
• Is a vasodilator that reduces tension in the blood vessels (helps keep blood pressure normal).
• Assists in protein synthesis from amino acids and in carbohydrate metabolism.

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(1/2 case, 6 units)

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