Minerals + Trace Elements, 250 Tablets

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Minerals originally come from the earth’s crust and are carried into soil, ground water and the sea by erosion. They are the chemical elements that the body needs, other than the four elements that are present in organic molecules (carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen). Minerals are essential for a myriad of functions. Your body needs some in larger quantities and others (trace minerals) in minute dosages.

• Each gland in the body, including the sex glands, requires one or more of the essential minerals.
• Essential for all body metabolism.

BORON: Bone health, brain function, sexual health, preventing cancer, cognitive function.

CALCIUM: Bone and joint health (including arthritis), healthy teeth, sleep, menopause and premenstrual syndrome, and cramps, obesity, colon health, cardiovascular health.

CHROMIUM: Glucose uptake and tolerance, fatty acid synthesis.

COPPER: Brain function, arthritis, skin, infections, cardiovascular health, immunity.

MAGNESIUM: Blood pressure, cardiovascular health, alcoholism, bone health, muscle function, menopause, pregnancy, asthma, lowering anxiety and stress, insomnia.IODINE: Metabolism, skin health, healthy hair.

MANGANESE: Metabolism, osteoporosis, fatigue, reproduction, inflammation, and brain function.

PHOSPHORUS: Muscle strength, bone health, brain function, sexual function, teeth.

POTASSIUM: Low blood sugar, blood pressure, cardiovascular health, muscle function, cramps, brain function, sugar tolerance, kidney health, arthritis.

SELENIUM: Powerful antioxidant, bone growth.

SILICON: Bone health, skin care, hair care, nail health, sleep, cardiovascular health, dental care.

SODIUM: Water balance (preventing sunstroke), brain function, relieving muscle cramps, and preventing premature aging.

ZINC: Skin care, eczema, acne, wounds healing, prostate health, cold and flu, weight loss, pregnancy, reproduction, hair care, appetite loss, eye care, normal growth.

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