About Standard Vitamins & Its Vitamin Manufacturers

Standard Vitamins Distribution Company, Inc. is the wholesale distribution branch of Nulab Inc., long-time vitamin manufacturers located in Clearwater, FL, USA. For over 30 years we have developed and produced nutritional supplements including vitamins, minerals, and a wide rage of nutraceuticals. We have mastered the precision subject of quality control in our product manufacturing.

Our Laboratory’s Quality Control

qc-inspectorsOur laboratories, located in Clearwater, FL, are where we monitor the entire process of making our products, from receiving raw material all the way to shipping the final product. This is a careful and time-consuming process and we take great care to ensure that each batch that we manufacture meets our original specifications.

The amount of detail that goes into making a vitamin supplement, mineral product or any other nutritional supplement is not slight. We have to ensure that our customers will be satisfied with the final product. Often times, our customers are surprised to find out how intricate the manufacturing process can be for some of our products. Many comment on the quality of the supplements and you can see just how we literally build quality into the product.

Quality Vitamin Supplements

We have developed a series of SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) that allow us to maintain a high standard of vitamin manufacturing. They allow us to effectively pinpoint and eliminate any errors during manufacturing, and as part of this we have Quality Control Inspectors who routinely supervise each step. We only allow the highest quality products to make it through the line.

Quality Control In Vitamin Manufacturing

QC InspectionOur Quality Control Department begins their work upon receiving the raw material. After it has been received, the raw material is first validated by performing an analysis to confirm its identity and potency. This means that we actually check to make sure it is the ingredient that our suppliers are claiming it to be. This helps ensure that when you buy a product that states it contains an ingredient, it is actually that ingredient and not a cheap substitute.

We then make sure that it does not contain contaminants, such as harmful microbes, yeast, mold, heavy metals, pesticides and foreign particles. After the raw material is approved for use in production, the product then undergoes its encapsulation, tableting, and/or bottling. Quality Control supervisors are there each step of the way, ensuring that Standard Operating Procedures (or SOPs) are being followed. This includes ensuring the personnel at each point of the product line are wearing the required cleanroom garments, and are following standard hygiene procedures.

Final Check Points

Once the product has been manufactured and before it is released, we analyze it to verify its potency and other specifications per its Master Manufacturing Record. The product can then be shipped to our distributors.

About Nulab Inc.

For more information about our manufacturing arm, visit Nulab Inc.’s website. You may also find information about private labeling and vitamin manufacturing there.